Rim Glide 78M

Ultra Spin Gold

New ULTRA SPIN GOLD DISCUS features a Unique double Galvanized Black Rim.The Wider High Retention Rim gives more control even with the best of spinning techniques. Suited for champion thrower.

  • N1105 USA [DARK CUSTOM]   2.000Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1105 USAA [DARK CUSTOM]   1.750Kg
  • N1105 USB [DARK CUSTOM]   1.616Kg
  • N1105 USBB [DARK CUSTOM]   1.500Kg
  • N1105 USC [DARK CUSTOM]   1.000Kg - IAAF Certified

Rim Glide 75M


Nelco Odyssey features and alloy steel(rust proof) rim and reinforced strongest plates. Ultra super spin discus for the new century throwers.

  • N1105 ODA   2.000Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1105 ODAA   1.750Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1105 ODB   1.616Kg
  • N1105 ODBB   1.500Kg
  • N1105 ODC   1.000Kg - IAAF Certified

Rim Glide 75M


Featuring Brass rim and white strong "ABS" plastic plates. A record setter and the most winning discus.

  • N1105 GA   2.000Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1105 GB   1.750Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1105 GC   1.616Kg
  • N1105 GCC   1.500Kg
  • N1105 GD   1.000Kg - IAAF Certified

Rim Glide 70M

Super Spin Black

One of the best selling Discus used by top throwers around the world. Special design with ideal Rim Weight gives super spin - super carry and super stability in flight.

  • N1105 A   2.000Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1105 AB   1.750Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1105 AA   1.616Kg
  • N1105 BB   1.500Kg
  • N1105 B   1.000Kg - IAAF Certified


Rim Glide 70M


Discus with ideal Spin for best performance with reinforced plates.

  • N1104 AU   2.000Kg.
  • N1104 BU   1.750Kg.
  • N1104 CU   1.616Kg
  • N1104 DU   1.500Kg
  • N1104 EU   1.000Kg.

Rim Glide 67M

Super Spin Olympia

Steel rim light blue or yellow ABS plates. A high performance discus.

  • N1104 AS   2.000Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1104 AAS   1.750Kg
  • N1104 ABS   1.616Kg
  • N1104 BS   1.500Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1104 CCS   1.250Kg
  • N1104 CS   1.000Kg - IAAF Certified

Rim Glide 65M

Lo Spin

Oldest and Strongest discus in the world. Lo Spin red, Suitable for all throwers. Now with Superior Dark Custom Black Rim.

  • N1104 A   2.000Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1104 AA   1.750Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1104 AB   1.616Kg
  • N1104 B   1.500Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1104 CC   1.250Kg
  • N1104 C   1.000Kg - IAAF Certified
  • N1104 D   0.750Kg
  • N1104 E   0.600Kg.


Made for Collegiate and club use. Steel rim, Blue plastic sides 73% Rim Weight.

  • N1104 AC   2.000Kg.
  • N1104 AAC   1.750Kg.
  • N1104 ABC   1.616Kg
  • N1104 BC   1.500Kg
  • N1104 CCC   1.250Kg
  • N1104 CC   1.000Kg
  • N1104 DC   0.750Kg
  • N1104 EC   0.600Kg.

Dicus Trainer

  • N1110 AT   1.50Kg
  • N1110 DT   2.00Kg
  • N1110 BT   2.50Kg
  • N1110 CT   3.63Kg


A discus with a feel of top line discus at a low cost. 70% Rim Weight Steel rim and Purple Plastic plates

  • N1104 AP   2.000Kg
  • N1104 AAP   1.750Kg
  • N1104 ABP   1.616Kg
  • N1104 BP   1.500Kg
  • N1104 CEP   1.250Kg
  • N1104 CP   1.000Kg
  • N1104 DP   0.750Kg
  • N1104 EP   0.600Kg


A new discus especially created for beginners. Steel rim and plastic plates.

  • N1104 AIO   2.000Kg
  • N1104 BIO   1.750Kg
  • N1104 EIO   1.616Kg
  • N1104 CIO   1.500Kg
  • N1104 FIO   1.250Kg
  • N1104 DIO   1.000Kg
  • N1104 HIO   0.750Kg
  • N1104 GIO   0.600Kg

Adjustable Weight Training

Comes with Different weights for adjusting. Strong plastic sides with steel rim.
  • N1108 A   1.75Kg to 2.20Kg
  • B   1.25Kg to 1.60Kg
  • N1108 C   1.40Kg to 1.80Kg
  • N1108 D   800gms to 1.20Kg

Laminated Popular Competition

Laminated wood high quality steel rim.

  • N1106 AL   2.000Kg
  • N1106 ALL   1.750Kg
  • N1106 ABL   1.616Kg
  • N1106 BL   1.500Kg
  • N1106 CCL   1.250Kg
  • N1106 CL   1.000Kg
  • N1106 DL   0.750Kg
  • N1106 EL   0.600Kg

Rubber Black Discus Coloured Center

Different colour centre for easy recognition.

  • N1110 AO   2.000Kg
  • N1110 AAO   1.750Kg
  • N1110 ABO   1.616Kg
  • N1110 ACO   1.500Kg
  • N1110 ADO   1.250Kg
  • N1110 AEO   1.000Kg

Training Discus

Plastic Plate steel rim.

  • N1110 PA   0.900Kg
  • N1110 PB   1.100Kg
  • N1110 PC   1.500Kg (in 1.00kg IAAF DIMENSIONS)
  • N1110 PD   1.900Kg
  • N1110 PE   2.100Kg

Rubber Black

Tough durable black colour rubber. Solid one piece construction.

  • N1110 A   2.000Kg
  • N1110 AA   1.750Kg
  • N1110 AB   1.616Kg
  • N1110 B   1.500Kg
  • N1110 CC   1.250Kg
  • N1110 C   1.000Kg
  • N1110 D   0.750Kg
  • N1110 DE   0.600Kg
  • N1110 E   0.500Kg

Also available with strap


Discus Bag

  • N1109 F   2.000Kg
  • N1109 G   1.000Kg
  • N1109 FD   2.000Kg (FOR 2 DISCUS)
  • N1109 GD   1.000Kg (FOR 2 DISCUS

Discus Thrower Kit Bag

  • N1109 KB (For 3 DISCUS, SPIKES, KIT)

Discus Rack

  • N1110IF
  • Collapsible Rack.
  • Power Coated.

Discus Cart

  • N1110IFC
  • Power Coated Cart.